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A retreat is time for God, a time for assessing our relationship with God. We spend time with the people we cherish and respect. We spend time with God. A retreat nurtures our spiritual life in an environment away from the ordinary distractions of life. In the Scriptures, we read that Jesus would simply go off and pray. Keep Reading…

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-Spiritus Dei Gala-


Retreat Season 2014-2015:

Blessed Are You!

The words of Jesus are few, yet they have filled our lives with meaning. Some are short statements, some are spoken to individuals or specific groups and some are proclamations to vast crowds. In the fifth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel we are told Jesus leaves the crowd behind and goes up a mountain with his disciples following him. He then begins the teaching that we have come to call: The Sermon on the Mount. “Blessed are…” Jesus’ formulates what we now call – The Beatitudes. These “Blessings” speak of the way of discipleship – how we are to live in the world and with one another. This retreat season theme is The Beatitudes according to Matthew’s account. You are invited to ponder ways to be poor in spirit, able to mourn, to be meek, merciful and pure of heart. You are to be a peace-maker and hunger for righteousness. And you are even called to rejoice if you are persecuted. We do not pick or choose from among the Beatitudes or think that only one or two apply in our own lives. Rather they are to be seen as one whole reality – the life of a follower – a disciple of Jesus. Being a disciple is a Blessing! Called to follow Jesus is expressed in the words: Blessed Are You!

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