A Note from Fr. Enzo & Fr. Rick ~ A rooster singing in the valley of death

Dear Friends and Family,

Saturday afternoon Fr Rick Frechette, Raphael, Gerald, Emile, Katil, Cesar and I made our attempt to go to Dame Marie and Apricot by land.  Not knowing what we would find and if we would be able to even reach the place, it was important to try after seeing the devastation by air in order to bring food and water as soon as possible. Communications are still impossible, and we don’t really know when they will be re-established.

As you already know, the hurricane destroyed houses and thousands of acres of lush vegetation and crops.  While normally the trip from Port-au-Prince to Dame Marie by land lasts 7 or 8 hours, this time it took 18!  The reason is because the road is full of trees, mud, rocks and debris, and we literally had to open the road as we traveled through the middle of the night, assisted by the Protection Civil.  Even the bridges were cut off, and we had to pass through rivers building a passage way with rocks with our bare hands to establish a way through them.

All this was done in the middle of the night, only with the lights of our cars and flashlights. How hard our men worked is just unbelievable.  It is truly unbelievable what they did.

Even as dawn came we could still barely see anything because of the fog.  As we looked around, it looked like a scene after a war or horror movie with barren trees and fields covered in the fog.  It was scary.  The only sound we could barely hear was every once in a while a rooster singing in the distance.  The singing of the rooster reminded me of the Gospel of the Passion when Peter has his conscience awakened after his denial of Jesus, and how in a disaster like this our consciences cannot remain asleep.  Read more

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