April 1- Wednesday of Holy Week- Are we willing to trust in the love of Christ?

Are we willing to trust in the love of Christ?

The book of Isaiah calls us to reflect on the prophetic words. In light of Jesus’ victory over death, we can see our Lord speaking to us directly in the first person. These words of trust and affirmation make us realize that “The Lord God is our help” throughout history and that nothing can ever disgrace us if we are in communion with Him.

Jesus knows of the fate which awaits Him and what will transpire in His Passion. His hour is fast approaching and His inner circle is beginning to implode temporarily. The trust in God the Father Jesus displays as he begins to tell his apostles exactly what will transpire is truly something to meditate on in wonder and awe. Authentic trust is based on authentic love. I only hope that we will be able to display this same trust as the Saints have done throughout history “now and at the hour of our deaths.”

Trusting in the Lord who is his help, Jesus speaks of his betrayal which is at hand.


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