Easter Homily- Fr. Paul Wierichs, C.P.

Easter Sunday 2015- By: Fr. Paul Wierichs, C.P.

I can’t live without it, nor can you. It gives us a reason to get out of bed and to continue our life’s journey. What is it that I need, you need and everyone needs whether they admit it or not. It is the gift of Easter, the gift of Hope.

Think about it for a moment. We can face anything, endure anything, as long as we know or believe it will not last forever, and that something better will happen.

Some of us have had to endure a long serious operation or have gone through very serious medical procedures and we do it no matter how painful they may be or how dangerous they are because we hope in the end we will be better and healthier.

Some of us have faced the rigors of a long and miserable winter because we know that spring will come again except this year in Boston, NY and VT
Only kidding.

What all this underlines for us is the importance of hope. Hope is as necessary for the spirit as is food for the body. It is amazing what the human spirit can endure and overcome provided it is nourished by the food of hope.

Easter provides an enormous injection of hope for the human spirit. And how much it is needed all you need is to read the papers or watch the news.
· There is a lot of tragedy in life.
· So many Christians are as I speak being killed because they believe in Jesus. Pope Francis said on Good Friday “We still see today our persecuted brothers and sisters, decapitated and crucified for their faith in you Jesus, before our eyes and often with our complicit silence,”
· Good things are destroyed.
· People are hurt.
· Families are broken up.
· Yes, and Jesus was killed.
· But he rose again.

What does Jesus’ show us? It is a sign to those who loved him and followed him that God’s love is stronger than death.

The resurrection of Jesus must not be separated from the resurrection of humanity saved by him.

By entering fully into human life, and by experiencing the bitterness of death, Jesus became a Brother and a Savior to all people.

Today, now on this Easter day we still feel the pain of the world, the pain in our families and among our friends, and the pain in our own hearts.

Jesus has been introduced into our hearts.
Jesus doesn’t remove the pain but gives it meaning. He lights up our heart with hope.
All is different because Jesus is alive and speaks his words of peace to us as he spoke them to the apostles.

Peace be with you!

In a matter of moments we will all renew our Baptismal Promises’. Listen carefully to the words and what we are asked to do. For many of us it was done by our parents and Godparents, but now today, you will declare you belief in the Trinity and renounce Satan and all his empty promises. Take it seriously because you are making this to God .

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