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Dear Friends;From Fr Paul - Fr Paul

“Blessed are you” are words from the famous Sermon on the Mount. These are words that can apply to all of you, too.

I must say, as a Passionist priest, and having ministered here at Our Lady of Florida for the past eight years, I have found you to be truly living the Gospel and the Beatitudes in particular.

It is exciting each time people come here for retreats, to find some people nervous, anxious and just wondering: “Why am I here and what will happen to me”? On Sunday, and sometimes even before Sun-day, I hear: “This is the best thing that has happened to me in my whole life” and “Why did I wait so long to come”?

Yes, this is Holy Ground and it is God’s Grace that makes things happen. As a saint said, “God’s Grace in God’s time”. And as St. Paul says: “Grace upon grace”. This year as we pray together the Beatitudes you will see very clearly how you are living the Gospel and how these Beatitudes are part of your life al-ready. So please mark your calendar and come on retreat this year, and of course bring a family mem-ber, son, daughter, a good friend or someone you know who may need to experience this Grace.

We lost our brother, friend and priest, Father Fidelis Connolly, faithful Passionist, this past June 4th. Father was a very good priest and Passionist. You can read some of his life in this issue of The Light. Please pray for his soul and pray that more young men may join the Passionists and give their lives as he did to serve everyone he came into contact with. He celebrated 64 years as a priest June 3rd.

This past May I was elected to the Provincial Council as the second consulter at our Chapter. So, I will have to travel and do some things in the name of the Provincial, but I do not see this as interfering with my role here at Our Lady of Florida. Please pray for me.

May I also ask you to kindly remember the Spiritual Center in our Summer appeal. You will be receiving a letter from me and we do need your help.

God bless you, thank you and remember this coming year’s theme: Blessed Are You!

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