Haiti Update from Fr. Enzo ~ Caring and carrying

St Luke Novena

Last Wednesday, through the help of the Nunciature, Catholic Relief Services, USAID, and the US military force, we were able to carry out our first delivery of rice and water to the population of La Serengue​ by helicopter​. It has been quite an adventure, and only after much persistence and meeting people of good will on each side was this made possible.

Arrangements were made that Nebez and I would go by military helicopter to help make the delivery to the people in the area where we are present with our St Luke schoohelicopter-loadedl. Before we left, however, there was a security problem raised by the military who wanted a police force to be on the ground where the helicopter would land. This is an area where the police are usually not present, and with the mud​ slides​ and ​trees ​​blocking the roads, it would have been nearly impossible for them to travel there. After a long dialogue ​we were able to convince the military team that we would land ​safely ​because of our way of working with the local people. In anything that the St Luke Foundation does we always involve the local community, including the mayors, church and community leaders. We were confident that the distribution could be accomplished with order and safety, even though an official police force was not available.

Finally after four hours, the military team told us that we were ready to take off by two Blackhawk helicopters with our 5.5 tons of rice, and many bags of water. I was amazed at how the military helped us load the helicopters, making a chain and throwing the bags from one hand to another, from the highest rank down. ​The helicopters looked overloaded, and in fact we were just skimming the water as we flew. For the pilots it was the first time for them to reach this area, and when we reached Abricot they turned two or three times around by air in order to really see and take in fully the scope of the devastation. Read more

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