Haiti Update from Fr. Rick ~ Now that the winds have died down

Dear Friends and Family

During the past week, the Wall Street Journal featured an article referring to the curse of charity in Haiti.

It is certainly true that when “helping someone” is limited to getting them through the day (or through the present disaster) it is just a flash of good will, something like a shooting star. It is as brief as it is beautiful.

The article points out that sometimes charity, in fact, undercuts autonomy, holds people bound in poverty, and that the application of charity can become its own big business.

Mending the nets

Mending the nets

If it is true that charity can be a curse, it is just as true that the people that we know and work with in rural Haiti are not looking for charity. It is not what they ask for, if given a chance to ask.

Most people in fact ask for a job. If a job is not possible, they ask for some tools to be able to work on their own (garden tools, fishing equipment, a juice squeeze to be able to squeeze and sell juice.)

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