March 23- Lenten Weekday- How Do We Trust in The Lord Wholeheartedly?

How do we trust in The Lord wholeheartedly?

The author of today’s first reading (Daniel 13) writes that Susanna “through her tears she looked up to heaven, for she trusted in the Lord wholeheartedly.”  In Susanna’s case she was innocent and trusted in The Lord for her vindication. Today we are reminded to condemn the sin and not the sinner.  Psalm 23 has the description as follows: “The Lord, Shepherd and Host.” This is a perfect response to this reading for it illumines the fact that trust in God is essential especially in those times when “we are walking in the shadow of death.” Innocent blood was spared that day because of Susanna’s trust. This is not as apparent when innocent blood is shed even though there is trust in the Lord. For times like this we are reminded to gaze on the Crucifix as the example of how to live in a world that is influenced by temptations and sin.

In the Gospel we see that Jesus does not “condemn” the woman that was caught in adultery. He uses this opportunity to call to mind those that condemn the guilty without showing mercy. Jesus’s Mercy is greater than the Mosaic Law and greater than those who think only in accordance with the Law and not compassion. In what ways do we condemn others instead of the sinful acts themselves? These are great opportunities to pray for the grace of God to touch the hearts of those caught in the web of sin.

Justice, according to the Mosaic Law, prevails for Susanna who trusted in the Lord’s goodness. The mercy and forgiveness of Jesus prevails for the adulterous woman.

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