March 25- The Annunciation of The Lord- Are we able to do the will of the Father regardless of the cost?

Are we able to do the will of the Father regardless of the cost?

As our world is preoccupied in providing itself with economic security we are constantly reminded of the will of God. We say it every time we pray the “Our Father” but are we prepared for God’s “will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”? Perhaps are insecurity is our greatest security. This world never quite fits us right because we were not created for this world. Our eternal life begins at the moment of conception and we are all on a pilgrimage on Earth working our way back to the Father.

We can envision this perfectly in today’s Gospel. The image of Mary accepting the will of the Father despite the confusion Our Lady must of felt. Faith seeking understanding is the example Mary gives us in her response to the Angel Gabriel. Mary’s response is the ultimate example of respectful assertiveness. God is the true protagonist of all of our lives. Through the most remarkable “YES” of a sinless woman our salvation is secured. This daily “YES” to the Will & Grace of God is possible in our own lives and a great source of true happiness.

The Lord will give a sign: a child, who has come to do God’s will, shall be conceived by the Spirit.

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