March 26- Lenten Weekday- Can we fully comprehend the victory of Jesus?

Can we fully comprehend the victory of Jesus?

We see in today’s readings that “the lord remembers his covenant forever” and that Jesus continues to be in communion with the Father as he instructs the people that “whoever keeps my (Jesus) word will never see death.”  The criticism begins immediately as the mistake is made to compare Jesus with being equal or less than Abraham and the prophets.  The real enemy is death.  The real victory is Jesus’ triumph over both deaths.

Death requires two understandings of two realities: carnal death & spiritual death.  Even the Saints pray to The Lord to “free us from everlasting death.” This Spiritual death is the death Jesus refers to in the Gospels.  This is critical to understand as we share our realities on Earth.  Only the Spirit gives life.  The spirit of faith and The Holy Spirit.

Material things are necessary because we are part matter however the spirit transcends matter.  Our challenge is to always go higher and to repeat as Jesus did: my glory is worth nothing; but it is my Father who glorifies me.”

God makes a covenant with Abraham, who rejoices in Jesus as I AM.

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