Our Passionist Retreatants and Associates Walk For Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation

SJ Walk2On October 9th, 2015 we began a walk through the streets of Palm Beach County with the Passionist Mission Crucifix to create awareness for justice, peace, and integrity of creation. The attacks were present from the very start as a motorist screamed obscenities as they drove by before we even began. The crucifix was a sign of love for many and a sign of controversy for some. In many ways, I feel the walk started as it should. This would be no easy task and would be a reminder of the attacks Our Lord Jesus Christ had on his walk to Golgotha.

SJ WalkWe walked ten miles the first night and stopped at St Vincent Ferrer to close the evening with prayer. We spent the night in tents on the holy grounds of Our Lady of Florida and we started nice and early for the second leg of the journey on Saturday morning October 10th. This was our longest day and we walked a total of 22 miles. The attacks as well as the support continued to pour in as we walked. At 3pm we were attacked the worst and some of us were challenged to the point of quitting. I asked for prayers from all of those supporting us and we were able to finish Saturday’s leg of the walk through the intercession of the Blessed Mother. We once again closed in prayer and camped for a second night at Our Lady of Florida.
The final morning was inspiring as we were joined by more to walk the last 4 mile leg. We walked with joy for the final leg even in the midst of being stopped by the police department. We were stopped as we entered North Palm Beach because someone had called and reported that there were some people walking through the streets with a large crucifix. The police were very friendly and even commented that you know there is something entirely wrong with our country when the police are called because of a public witness to the love of Jesus Christ. The total walking distance was 36 miles and we ended with the Passionist Associate re- covenanting Mass at Our Lady of Florida.

Yours in Christ,
Deacon John Clarke

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