Thanksgiving Homily

Thanksgiving Homily
Thanksgiving Day November 27, 2014

Today our country gathers around many different types of tables filled with all sorts of food where we remember that many years ago early pilgrims gave thanks to God for what He had given them in this new land.

I love this day! Even though it isn’t a “religious holiday” it is it’s a holiday where we do thank God for what he has given to us.

We have a great country that we live in. It has its flaws maybe we don’t always agree with what happens. But it is still a great country because it offers us freedom.

I’m also thankful for my faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I can worship any time, any place that I wish in total freedom. I love being a Catholic I love our liturgies and I am thankful that God has graced me with a call to follow him as a Catholic.

I am also thankful for my family. I have a sister and a brother nieces and nephew and I am thankful for each of them and for their families. I know that at any time I can turn to them and that they are there for me.

I’m also thankful for my friends. God has blessed me with many men and women who have come into my life over the years who have helped me to become hopefully a better human being than I was before I met them.

I am thankful for my Passionist vocation. 50+ years and I have never really regretted my call to this way of life. Yes, I have had my ups and downs. I have looked over the fence for greener pastures, but always come back because I realize that the Passionists way of life, is my life.

I am thankful for my priesthood. I love being a priest. I love ministering to the people that God brings into my life and I hope and pray that I have and will continue to help them to a deeper spiritual life a deeper relationship with God.

I am thankful for this local Church community of Our Lady of Florida. I am thankful for each of you coming out to celebrate Morning Prayer, Eucharist, and retreats with us each day. I’m thankful also for your financial support, because without you we would not make it.

So let us now in this Eucharist which means Thanksgiving continue to give praise, honor and glory to God for all that he has given us.

Let us pray for those who are most unfortunate than ourselves.

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