Special Retreats

Charismatic Retreat

Led by Rev. Joseph Meagher

October 28 — 30, 2022

This retreat promises renewal in the Spirit in the lives of the participants, by Glory Worship, talks, Mass and ministry that will affirm the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Suggested Offering: $275 | Deposit $50


Day of Reflection

December 19, 2022

Rev. Edward Wolanski, C.P.

Suggested Offering: $60

Scripture Retreat

with Rev. Donald Senior C.P.

February 10 — 12, 2023

The “other” disciples: Guides for Christian Spirituality in the Twenty-First Century.

Suggested Offering: $275 | Deposit $50

Married Couple Retreat

Led by TBD

February 17 — 19, 2023

This weekend retreat is for married couples who want to deepen their relationship with another in the context of their sacriment of marriage. 

The retreat conferences will reflect the special graces and opportunities for spiritual and personal growth that the sacriment brings to the spouses. 

Suggested Offering: $495 per couple | Deposit $100

Ash Wednesday

Day of Reflection

February 22, 2022

Rev. Bryan Garcia

Suggested Offering: $60

Silent Retreat

Led by Retreat Team

March 10 — 12, 2023

Retreat Theme: Whatever you ask in my name…(John 14:13)

Suggested Offering: $240 | Deposit $50

Holy Week Retreat

April 5 — 9, 2023

Self Guided Private Silent Retreat

Space is limited to 10 people.

Suggested Offering: $500 per person, $800 per couple | Deposit $50

Divine Mercy Retreat

with Father Edward Wolanski, C.P.

May 12 — 14, 2023

A weekend to experience God’s mercy.

Suggested Offering: $275 | Deposit $50

Healing Retreat

with Rev. Robert Richardson

May 26 — 28, 2023

Rev. Robert Richardson will be presenting a Healing Retreat, this has laying of hands several times during the weekend. The offering for this program is $275 per person. A $50 deposit is required with registration. 

Suggested Offering: $275 | Deposit $50

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